The review of the opening concert of the Mandelring Quartet’s series in Neustadt/Weinstrasse started:
“The first concert of the Mandelring Quartet’s classics series was a delightful feast of chamber music of the most exquisite kind. The ovations after each individual item and at the end of the evening were overwhelmingly enthusiastic….” and continued:
“It was all impeccable: the totally homogeneous, pellucid ensemble and the perfectly calculated crafting of the melodic lines as the basis for an extremely lively, intensive dialogue in chamber music terms, the seamless transitions and the sudden dynamic changes, achieved with lightning reactions by all the players. As regards dynamics, to hear the Mandelring Quartet playing quietlyis just astonishing. They do not merely play more and more softly; it would be more accurate to say that this ensemble possesses an exceptionally wide spectrum of subtle tonal nuances and shades of colour, employed with the greatest delicacy.”
Die Rheinpfalz

A few days later the opening concert of the Mandelring Quartet’s Mendelssohn cycle in Mannheim was reviewed under the headline “Playing to the limits of expressivity”:
“The four players advance with great concentration and sensitivity to the limits of expressivity, whose energies remain perceptible even when the underlying simmering power occasionally gives way to a wonderful luminosity…. In those passages where beautiful material lies concealed in the score, the Mandelring’s players are both conscientious and inspired, and this is equally true in the rugged, Beethoven-inspired sudden plunges in mood that seem to testify to the threats inherent in life.”
Mannheimer Morgen