• Mandelring Quartett

Searching for musical truth

The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes: “Anyone listening to the renowned Mandelring Quartet’s four-CD box set of Mendelssohn’s chamber music for strings will be astonished by, for example, the pure pathos of the introduction to the Quartet opus 13 or the eventful compositional density of the three opus 44 quartets. The listener will be devastated by the agitated desolation of op. 80, expressing the composer’s reaction to the death of his beloved sister Fanny.”, and continues: “Thus the whole project is dominated by an enthralling blend of astringency and virtuosity.”

The Mandelring Quartet’s distinguishing characteristics are its expressivity and remarkable homogeneity. The four individual members are as one in their shared determination always to seek out the innermost core of the music Thus there is a passionate interest in the structure and crafting of the works while at the same time there is the great joy of living with the music in a sensual dimension.

  • 01 Dez 2017


    20:00, Radialsystem

    Der Abend des Streichquartetts
    George Onslow, string quartet op. 9 Nr. 1 (1st + 2nd movement)
    Claude Debussy, string quartet (2nd + 3rd movement)
    Félicien David, string quartet Nr. 2 (3rd movement)
    Maurice Ravel, string quartet (1st + 2nd movement)
    Fernand de La Tombelle, string quartet in E major op. 36

  • 03 Dez 2017


    11:00, Museum Villa Rot

    Ludwig van Beethoven, string quartet op. 18/1
    Béla Bartók, string quartet Nr. 1
    Franz Schubert, string quintet D 956
    with Jens-Peter Maintz, violoncello

  • 17 Dez 2017


    18:00, Saalbau
    17:00 Introduction to the programme with Jörg Sebastian Schmidt

    Russian Night
    Dmitri Schostakowitsch, string quartet Nr. 1
    Alexander Borodin, string quartet Nr. 2
    Peter I. Tschaikowsky, string quartet Nr. 1